Consulting Services


Pacific Consult is highly experienced in advising and supporting industrial and commercial clients on differentiation, growth, and success in China and delivers practical results and actionable recommendations supported by practical knowledge and experience.

We deliver unique analytical and practical insights enabling our clients to better understand their markets in China and support their differentiation or growth strategies.

We employ an efficient project process with immediate communication of relevant, significant findings, allowing us to flexibly adapt the project according to client requirements and needs.

Our services include:

Market and Industry Analysis

Very often market information is unavailable, outdated or unreliable, largely due to the speed of market changes as well as due to the inconsistency in data collection. To deliver relevant analyses as a sound basis for executive decision-making, we provide in-depth proprietary analyses for clients. These take both historic and future perspectives into account, and contain data points which we validate by referencing as many existing and new sources within the value chain and across the industry as possible.

What we analyse

  • Industry Segmentation, Trends And Drivers
  • Competition / Industry Best Practices
  • Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats
  • Distribution Channels
  • Success Factors

Market Entry Strategy

Pacific Consult can help companies enter the Chinese market. We understand the complexities involved, from choosing the right location, partners and type of entity, to the governmental approval process. Such procedures often seem very complicated to companies entering for the first time and trying for companies already established but seeking to expand.

Pacific Consult has assisted many companies, across a wide range of industries, in developing and successfully executing their entry into the Chinese market. With a close eye on regulatory developments and industry analysis, we are able to provide the foresight of market direction and opportunities to assess and advise your business on its entry strategy.

Our competencies

  • Information Analysis (Market, Competition, Industry, Distribution etc.)
  • Strategic Options
  • Definition of Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Implementation Support


As new customer markets develop, clients face the challenge of accessing a wider variety of supplier industries over a wider geographic scope. This is where making effective use of suppliers plays a critical role. With our wide range of local suppliers we can provide you with competent and versatile support.

In the course of time we have set up, developed, and maintained a wide network of qualified suppliers in China and elsewhere in Asia Pacific. Through us, our suppliers have become familiar with the requirements of European industrial customers. Our suppliers therefore know the requirements they must meet to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

  • Supply and Demand Planning
  • Sourcing Concept
  • Supplier Search and Evaluation
  • Supplier Certification
  • Supplier Management
  • Procurement Optimization

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our M&A services enable our clients to quickly address key challenges.

Our Consulting M&A support includes:

  • M&A process delivery: we offer guidance and support throughout the M&A process
  • M&A strategy definition
  • Target screening
  • Due diligence
  • Transaction execution
  • Integration/separation planning
  • Implementation

Commercial and market due diligence. Our methodology includes:

  • Identification of the target
  • Competitor situation
  • Management and ownership evaluation
  • Financials and risks evaluations
  • Support of the decision making process

Corporate Services

Pacific Consult has an in-depth knowledge of the local business culture and regulations to provide practical solutions to meet client needs. With our Corporate Services we assist our clients in establishing their local operations; offer support services to facilitate business continuity and handle all necessary administration activities to support business operations.

Our services include:

From the preparation and submission of all required documentation, liaison with the relevant authorities to managing the entire process through to the attainment of company certificate (Representative Office, Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, Joint Venture)

In accordance with client requirement including administration of all related paperwork and liaison with the appropriate authorities:

  • Change of legal representative of the entity
  • Change of registration address
  • Application for capital increase
  • Extension of business scope
  • Extension of company certificate
  • Investment reports containing information on compliance and methods of setting up a local entity
  • Structuring reports compare the most suitable investment vehicles, i.e. types of entities, according to client requirement
  • Information on other specific corporate matters specified by the client relating to the industry in which it operates

In full accordance with law.

Operational Support

Based on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our partners and consultants in developing and managing businesses in China, we offer the following services in the area of operational support to our clients:

Pacific Consult will analyse your production / factory in China with a focus on lean principles, ROI formular, business cases, and production processes.

Pacific Consult provides senior Interim Management services for companies that may need executives on a short or long term basis to strengthen their executive team, lead a project or programme, provide an injection of skills that are lacking, or to simply transform their businesses in China.

Having been on boards of management teams of several companies in China as CEO, President, Chairman and regular board member for many years, our partners and consultants know what it takes to make a board successful. We provide board services by becoming a member of a regular board or an advisory board etc.

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