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PC Executive

PC Executive - as part of Pacific Consult Ltd. - is a leading Sino-Swiss executive search company specialising in international recruitment for top and middle level management positions for large and medium sized companiens in the PRC.

We support leading industrial, technological and commercial enterprises in the PRC in the direct search for, as well as selection and recruitment of, specialists, senior managers and top executives.

Our consultants bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the recruitment for top and middle management positions, as well as drawing on the extensive expertise of a network of local associates. This allows them to provide support in all stages of a search process and to respond to the practical needs of our clients.


Over the past 20 years we have established a relationship of close cooperation and trust with our clients, constantly adapting and optimising our services in line with changing market conditions. Our clients benefit from our state-of-the-art research, high level of efficiency and professionalism, and the outstanding network we have built up over the years. PC Executive fulfils the highest internationally recognised standards of the executive search sector.

In all our activities we follow one strategic objective: we aim to sharpen our clients‘ competitive edge by supplying the best specialists and leaders. 

Pacific Consult Ltd.

Pacific Consult is a business consulting firm, established in 1992 in Zurich, (Switzerland), with offices in Shanghai (China), Heidelberg (Germany) and Bangkok (Thailand). We specialize in advising our clients, mostly European companies, in the successful and profitable development of their businesses in Asia Pacific.

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