Executive Search

The Search Process

Based on our experience of over 20 years and the successful conclusion of many projects we structure the Executive Search Process as follows:

Our services include:


Define client’s needs

Before beginning a search mandate, we develop or update our knowledge of our client, its business objectives, industry and culture.

Together with the client, we define the specifications of the position including professional skills, required level of experience and personal qualifications.

Jointly develop job description

Based on the information received, we prepare the job description for the position for client’s review and approval.

The job description consists of measurable criteria against which each candidate can be measured. These criteria are both “hard factors“ like functional experience, education and seniority as well as “soft“ factors like personality, attitude, management and leadership style.

Through the analysis of the relevant competition of our client we draw up a list of selected firms where we believe that candidates with the required experiences and competencies will most likely be found. This list will include relevant organisations that have sufficient size, clear records of accomplishment, industry leadership characteristics, or other qualities relevant to the search.

Based on client’s needs, job description and analysis of competition, we prepare a search strategy and define plans how to identify and address a comprehensive number of possible candidates.


Identification of candidates

Based on the specific search strategy we identify candidates through

  • Advertisements in newspapers and electronic media
  • Own proprietary database  and files of candidates
  • Direct contacts based competitor analysis
  • Trade fair visits

This multi-level approach leads to the identification of qualified candidates who might not be located through other means.

We welcome our client’s desire to include internal candidates in our search process.

Compile long list of candidates

We examine the research information and initially interview potential candidates who appear qualified by phone. All candidates who prove qualified and express interest for such a position will be compiled in a long list of candidates.

A valuable by-product of this process is the information how the client is perceived by others in its industry. Such information will be provided to the client.


Assess through interviews/compare with job description

After prospective candidates have been identified and pre-screened, we assess them in structured, person-to-person interviews. A thorough and comprehensive assessment is made with respect to the ideal profile outlined in the job description.

Use preliminary reference checks

Preliminary reference checks are conducted, where possible, to validate the past performance and personality traits of the candidates.

Compile short list of candidates

The most promising candidates in terms of background, experience and personal characteristics are put on a short list. Working closely with our client, we narrow the short list of candidates further, and list those who are best qualified, usually four to five individuals. A written candidate report is submitted to our client containing verified biographical data, a summary of business experiences and achievements and our analysis and appraisal.


Present short listed candidates to client/select candidates for final interviews

We attend the first meeting between our client and each candidate. Throughout the process of our client‘s evaluation of the candidates, we are actively involved in co-ordinating,scheduling and communication between all parties. We make travel arrangements and handle the reimbursement of travel expenses. After each presentation the consultant contacts both candidate and client for feedback. We consider our active support in this phase of the search process as decisive to a timely and successful completion of the assignment

We support and assist our client in his decision process to further narrow down the short listed candidates to the most promising candidates for the final round of interviews.

If our client is not satisfied with the presented candidates, we will carry out a 2nd round of search for additional candidates, until our client is satisfied.

Conduct final reference check

We consider reference checks on final candidates as paramount in order to get a full and differentiatied picture of the candidates. Those thorough background checks are also tailored to addressing areas of particular interest indentifed through the evaluation process and interviews, or are of special concern to the client.


Organise final round of interviews/select best-qualified candidate

We organise the final round of interviews between the most promising candidates and the client. If requested by our client we also can participate in such interviews

We support our client in the evaluation process to select the best-qualified candidate and make our best efforts to secure a result to the client’s complete satisfaction, in line with numerous similar projects we have completed in recent years.

Provide support in contract negotiations

We work actively with our client and the final candidate to negotiate a compensation package and other contractual terms that are important. We strive to avoid late surprises at this stage until a contract is signed by both the client and the candidate.

As a third party with considerable experience in such situations, we are often the catalyst for bringing about the final agreement on the terms of the offer.

We close the assignment by communicating the completion of the search to every prospective candidate, source or reference who we have contacted in the course of our efforts.

Follow up

Ensure smooth adjustment of new executive /ensure client’s satisfaction

We will communicate periodically with our client and the successful candidate during the early stages of his or her transition to the client’s organisation in order to anticipate possible problems of adaptation and integration and react appropriate and to ensure that our client continues to be satisfied with the new employee’s performance.

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